Pressureline, Water Main

Downer PipeTech offer Pressureline as a rehabilitation process for the renewal of pressure and non pressure pipelines in water, sewer and industrial applications. Downer PipeTech has recently completed the largest Pressurelining project in Australia for SA Water.

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Dig & Repair

Based on our track record, the RTA originally contacted Downer PipeTech to discuss the repair of one of its stormwater assets through pipebursting or directional drilling.

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Sewer Liner Patch Repair,

Blackall is a small remote community located approximately 950km north-west of Brisbane. Blackall Shire Council contracted Downer PipeTech in 2006 to undertake the repair to damaged and defective sewer liners installed in 2000.

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Pipebursting, Sewer Main

This project involved the upsizing of an existing Sydney Water sewer main using pipebursting. The objective of the project was to increase the capacity of the sewer main with upsized pipe to alleviate potential fl ow problems to meet the future requirements of the Victoria Park Development.

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Stormwater Network Repair

This project emerged after investigation by Sydney Olympic Park Authority found that the network had suffered significant damage during construction of the park site, as well as the detection of a number of other defects that had not been identified prior to handover.

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Tunneline Culvert Repair

The project involved the rehabilitation of a 100m long 2300mm id Corrugated Steel Plate culvert. Downer PipeTech deployed the unique Tunneline technology to install a fully structural in situ concrete lining inside the host pipe to deliver a final diameter of 2000mm.

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Stormwater Culvert Repair

As part of the RTA’s maintenance regime, it was identified that the 2250mm diameter corrugated steel pipe under the Bruxner Highway near Tenterfield NSW had failed approximately mid length causing structural issues as the internal diameter had effectively decreased to 1900mm.

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