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Networks Alliance for Sydney Water

  • Watermain Renewals, Sydney Metro Area

BMD Constructions for Qld Urban Utilities

  • Upsizing of 250m 375mm AC sewer main to 500mm OD HDPE and 126m of 450mm AC sewer main to 630mm OD HDPE

Wagga Wagga City Council

  • Upsizing of Eastern Trunk Sewer Main (2km of 225-375mm diameter pipe)

Sunshine Coast Regional Council

  • Upsizing of 110mm OD HDPE to 180mm OD HDPE on Teewah Beach


SA Water

  • DN600 MSCL Locking Bar Water Main Rehabilitation Muller Road, Adelaide – 4,630m
  • DN600 Water Main Rehabilitation South Parklands Adelaide CBD – 1km

NetWorks Alliance for Sydney Water

  • Botany Road & McEvoy St, Alexandria Water main Rehabilitation Project: NB450 & NB500 trunk water main in Alexandria (338m)
  • DN500 Water Main Renewal, Oxley St, St Leonards (250m)
  • Clovelly Road Randwick Project: Rehabilitation of existing DN375 trunk water main in Randwick with DN400 PE100 pipe (504m)
  • DN250 Water Main Renewal Denham Court (1067m)


Hunter Water

  • Rehabilitation via sliplining including all valves in Waratah, NSW: 1.5km DN500 CICL (1896) lead joint main cement lined in situ; and 600m DN900 MSCL  (1923) locking bar trunkmain above ground.

 Sydney Water

  • Rehabilitation of the East Hills Submain Mars Street Siphon – DN900 (500m)

Networks Alliance for Sydney Water

  • Bankstown Ashfield Water Pipeline – Sliplining Centenary Drive to Cross Street DN1200 & DN900 (approx. 1.6km)
  • DN250 Water Main Renewal Canterbury Road Bankstown (670m)

Robotics & Point-Lining

Sydney Olympic Park Authority

  • Refurbishment of the Stormwater Network

Blackall Shire Council (QLD)

  • Repair to Damaged and Defective Sewer Liners

Sydney Water

  • Sewer Network Repair (South) Contract

Pipe Refurbishment

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

  • Refurbishment of all pipe infrastructure – Cockatoo Island

Sydney Water

  • Sewer Network Repair (South) Contract


  • Emergency Storm Water Repair and Joint Sealing – Hume Highway

Structure Rehabilitation – Culvert Repairs


  • Tunneline System Rehabilitation of  a 2200mm Corrugated Steel Culvert under the Hume Highway Broadford, Victoria.

Mid-Western Regional Council

  • Tunneline System Rehabilitation of 52m long 1800mm id PCC culvert under the Castlereagh Highway Ilford, NSW

BHP Billiton Coal

  • Tunneline Rehabilitation of 28m long 2400 x 2100mm Concrete Box Culvert under the Colliery Access Road, Kemira Valley NSW.

Abi-Leighton JV M7

  • Stormwater Repair (including cleaning & inspection) of 72m of 750mm pipe Wallgrove Road Eastern Creek Bankstown