Concrete Lining of Corrugated Steel Culvert under Hume Highway

Client: VicRoads
Project: Rehabilitation of an existing 2300mm diameter Corrugated Steel Culvert under the Hume Highway, Broadford in Victoria

Downer PipeTech has identified an exciting and innovative (patent protected) structural concrete lining system for renovating deteriorating and aging man entry pipelines, culverts and tunnels for water/wastewater, road and rail applications. Developed and widely used throughout the UK, the award winning Tunneline system is a simple in situ concrete lining technique utilising lightweight manhole accessible formwork and high strength pressure injected concrete.

ITS has recently entered into an exclusive long term relationship with the M3 Group (the technology owners) to develop the Tunneline system throughout Australia. The first contract to be completed using this technology for VicRoads has given the asset a new 100 year lease of life eliminating the risk to Australia’s most prominent highway from potential damage had the culvert not been repaired.

Tunneline is a one pass operation and requires little or no pre works to stabilise the existing host condition. The system combines high strength concrete with steel reinforcement and specialist pumping technology together with an innovative bespoke formwork system. This results in the ability to install a pressure-placed compacted reinforced in situ concrete lining that can be designed to act as a stand-alone or composite liner in accordance with relevant Australian Standards (AS5100 and AS2566). It can also be designed to accommodate internal pressures from sewers and water mains up to 12 Bar and as such are designed as water retaining structures.  ITS has recently entered into an exclusive license with the M3 Group for the installation of Tunneline in Australia.

The Tunneline System is able to line all existing profiles and will also accommodate both vertical and horizontal bends as well as size and shape transitions within the existing hosts. It can be used to line all known culvert material types from 1200 to 9000mm.

The VicRoads project involved the rehabilitation of an existing 2300mm id multi-plate corrugated steel culvert, 100m long under the Hume Highway at Broadford in Victoria. The existing culvert had severe invert erosion and its close proximity to an adjacent access culvert was giving rise for concern. Tunneline technical specialists, working with Downer PipeTech developed a design that provided full structural support in a new 2000mm diameter culvert that was installed within the existing host culvert. Downer PipeTech installed the lining in 10 days. Using this technology is a first for Downer PipeTech, a first for VicRoads and the first successful installation of this technology in Australia.

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Rehabilitation of Corrugated Steel Culvert

The project scope included:

  • Full structural design to Australian Codes and Standards
  • Formwork design and manufacture
  • Concrete mix design and testing
  • Reinforcement scope and design
  • Installation of the concrete lining
  • Formation of inlet and outlet structures
  • Hand over and commissioning

The site works commenced 13 February 2012; placing of the concrete took 10 days despite some severe flood disruption.  The use of the Tunneline system has resulted in substantial cost and time savings over conventional lining operations with no impact to the operation of the highway. Other key advantages include:

  • No advance repairs required to the existing host structure;
  • The concrete is protected from flow even if the sewer or culvert floods and will not be affected during placement or during the set;
  • Excellent coefficient of friction resulting in improved flow capability;
  • Reduced carbon footprint from less site traffic;
  • Significant time saving from one pass operation.

Project Highlights:

  • Utilisation of a new Technology into Australia
  • Designed to meet Australian Codes and Standards
  • Self-Supporting structure
  • No LTI’s or incidents
  • No Complaints
  • 100 year design life guarantee

Project Sheet