About ITS

Downer PipeTech has offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Victoria, providing innovative pipeline rehabilitation solutions to water and wastewater industry, local governments and industrial markets. ITS successfully operate and deliver major projects and maintenance works throughout all States and Regions of Australia. We offer skilled staff, project experience and capability to deliver a wide variety of infrastructure solutions. Downer PipeTech is committed to keeping abreast of technology and market trends through a network of equipment and material supply partners, both locally and internationally.

Downer PipeTech is a Downer Company. For more on Downer, go to www.downergroup.com.

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What We Do

Downer PipeTech deliver cost effective, high quality, low risk solutions for all pipeline and culvert rehabilitation, extending the life of existing assets and infrastructure utilising environmentally responsible processes and methodologies.

Downer PipeTech provide pipeline rehabilitation, design & construction services for gravity & pressure pipelines including under road and rail culvert rehabilitation and renewal. We offer Pipebursting, Pressureline, Tunneline, Sliplining, CIPP lining and an extensive range of asset inspection and renewal services.

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