Our Mission

Why do we exist?

Downer PipeTech deliver cost effective, high quality, low risk solutions for all pipeline and culvert rehabilitation, extending the life of existing assets and infrastructure utilising environmentally responsible processes and methodologies.

Our Vision

What is our higher purpose?

Provide our customers and community a better return on their infrastructure assets

Working Together, Achieving Together.

Our Values – Rise Hi

  • Respect — Recognise that everyone deserves respect and should be treated as equals. We commit to work as a team and promote openness, trust and teamwork.
  • Integrity — Be open and honest in all our dealings and deliver outcomes consistent with what we have promised. This means delivering and doing what we say we will do.
  • Safety — We will ensure our processes and actions prioritise the safety of everyone in a caring and responsible manner. We commit to continuous improvement to achieve a safe and secure work environment for all.
  • Environment  To foster and encourage an ethical response to caring for our environment and not to engage in activities that may cause harm to our community and environment.
  • High Performance — Promote a culture that challenges our people to deliver high performance outcomes and to be best in class in our industry for the benefit of our customers, community and company.
  • Innovate — Commit to continually pursue improvement and innovation in what we do and what we offer.