Downer PipeTech was recently awarded a storm water rehabilitation project in the Illawarra region, that involved a number of installations of the ITS’s Point-Lining system.
The Point-Lining repair system has proven to be the best in class trenchless repair pipelines with diameters ranging from 80mm to 1500mm.
This particular Council project was for Point-Liner remediation of a damaged pipe with a 1500 diameter pipe which is understood to be largest of its type in Australia.
The Point – Liner technology that was utilised was accompanied by a number of other technologies such as robotics, CCTV and cleaning services to allow for a ‘full circle’ service to the council for their pipeline maintenance and rehabilitation.

For more information on this particular project please refer to the attached article that was published in the November issue of the IPWEA magazine.

IPWEA Magazine Article