Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer authorities today face increasing pressure to extend the life of their assets whilst managing tight budgets and maintaining high levels of service to their end users. Downer PipeTech have an enviable record in assisting their clients to achieve these goals through a suite of products and services customised for the repair and renewal of existing mains and associated infrastructure.


Ageing under-road culverts and infrastructure present potentially life threatening situations which expose road users and asset owners to significant risk. ITS offer technologies in line with world best practice for the rehabilitation, rejuvenation and maintenance of pipelines, providing solutions that meets the performance requirements of road operators, eliminating antiquated excavation techniques, and many of the compromises that until recently, clients had to accept.


Rail infrastructure across Australia is ageing and the challenge of condition assessment, maintenance and replacement can be difficult and costly due to the distances involved and remoteness of much of the rail lines. Downer PipeTech have extensive experience in all aspects of under-rail asset maintenance having completed works for all the major rail authorities across Australia including remote locations hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town.

Mining & Energy

Downer PipeTech has a long history working with mining & energy companies throughout Australia offering customised services to protect assess and renew their assets and infrastructure. These include condition assessment, structural lining of culverts under railtrack and road and the installation of sacrificial liners for slurry and tailings pipelines when they near the end of their serviceable life.

Local Government

Downer PipeTech have a proven track record in providing council and municipal authorities with a complete, low risk and cost-effective turn-key service. Through the implementation of CCTV data capture, asset condition assessment and trenchless technology repair, knowledge of the infrastructure and associated operating activities is providing new insights on how to increase the life of the asset which in turn will increase productivity, and maximize return on capital re-investments.

Oil & Gas

Downer PipeTech provides a range of field services to asset owners in the Oil & Gas Sector including asset condition assessment, laser profiling and HDPE Pressureline. The installation of HDPE sacrificial liners using our Pressureline technology provide existing steel pipelines with greater strength and protection from erosion and corrosion by protecting the steel pipe from the flow stream thus extending their serviceable life.