Rail infrastructure across Australia is ageing and the challenge of condition assessment, maintenance and replacement can be difficult and costly due to the distances involved and remoteness of much of the rail lines. Downer PipeTech have extensive experience in all aspects of under-rail asset maintenance having completed works for all the major rail authorities across Australia including remote locations hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town.



Managing under rail assets has challenges that are unique. Recent increases in axle loadings of freight trains across Australia has seen the design loading on under rail culverts and structures pushed to its limit.
A combination of age and harsh conditions means that many of these under rail culverts and structures are approaching the end of their practical life and threatening the assets delivery capabilities and more importantly their safety. In many situations it’s not practical to undertake a complete shutdown of the rail line to excavate and replace the culverts and stormwater pipes which is why a trenchless solution is the preferred option.

Downer PipeTech specialise in the installation of stand-alone structural linings of culverts & structures that provide a solution with up to 100 year design life. All liner installations are done whilst allowing the rail line to remain in service and functional during the remediation and repair.


  • Wide range of products and solutions to renew any shape and size culvert.
  • Confidence of working with a company with unsurpassed experience rehabilitating culverts under rail both in metro and remote regions across Australia.
  • Access to latest innovations from around the world to deliver “worlds best practice” solutions.
  • Tailor made designs for each project to provide a minimum of 50 year design life.
  • Works can normally be completed without any disruption to rail logistics and payloads.