Water & Sewer authorities today face increasing pressure to extend the life of their assets whilst managing tight budgets and maintaining high levels of service to their end users. Downer PipeTech have an enviable record in assisting their clients to achieve these goals through a suite of products and services customised for the repair and renewal of existing mains and associated infrastructure.



Ageing assets causing burst pipes and loss of water through leakage are just one of the challenges met on a daily basis by the water authorities. ITS Pressure line and pipe bursting services provide a cost effective, high quality, low risk solutions for the majority of water main renewals extending the life of the existing asset and infrastructure utilising environmentally responsible processes and methodologies. With extensive experience working for major water authorities around Australia we pride ourselves on building a reputation based on professional and trusted relationships with our clients which in turn result in better, smarter outcomes.


ITS scour the world in search of the latest technology and best practice whilst maintaining one of our core values to ensure our processes and actions secure the safety of everyone and are environmentally responsible. Sewers pose a particular threat for safety due the very environment they are in. Hydrogen Sulphur which is the main cause of concrete sewer pipe corrosion is a deadly gas and our expertly trained crews ensure this work environment is treated with the respect and care it deserves. We work extremely hard with our sewer clients to ensure that this safety driven approach results in our projects being delivered safely, on time and within budget. Our state of the art UV Cured lining system meets all of our pre-requisites of best practice technology whilst maintaining employee safety and meeting both ITS and our clients environmental goals. This in combination with our CCTV, point lining and robotics services enables us to provide a full turn-key service for all sewer related projects.