Internal Joint Sealing

In many circumstances where leakage or infiltration problems are identified, the problem may not always be the product of a deteriorating pipeline. The problem can often be found at the pipe joints. In this case, a product that effectively seals the leaking joint may be far more cost effective alternative to replacing the entire pipeline.

The HYDRA – Tight seals are ideally suited for such a situation to fix man entry leaking pipe joints in water, wastewater and Industrial piping from 700mm pipelines and upwards.

The seal uses an EPDM rubber gasket (potable water approved), which bridges the defective joint or crack, and is then retained in place via stainless steel retaining bands which are locked in place. The seals are suitable in round or other profile shapes. Once installed, the seals provide a long term seal that is capable of withstanding operating pressures exceeding 20 bar, and external loadings in excess of 40 metres. Access openings can be many hundreds of metres apart, minimising excavations. the product is ideally suited where pipe failures are caused by joint failure, yet the host pipe itself is structurally sound.

A low profile design ensures that loss of flows are minimised. Installation can be carried out via standard access hatches which can be broadly spaced to reduce pipeline openings and disruption. Our joint seals are approved for use in most pipe materials including concrete, cast iron, ductile iron, steel, VC, PE or PVC pipe. Not only can the joint seal serve to repair joints, it can also be used as an interlocking sleeving system to fit any length of pipe.