In its drive to become the market leader in the provision of innovative pipeline solutions to infrastructure owners primarily in the water and wastewater industries, Downer PipeTech is constantly looking for practical state-of-the-art trenchless technology it can include in its suite of pipeline rehabilitation services. This ensures that we are in the best position possible to help maximise the value of our clients’ infrastructure investments.

Over the past 20 years that our people have been involved in the Australian pipe rehabilitation industry, we have pioneered the rollout of technologies such as pipebursting, Pressureline, robotics, and more recently, structural coatings.

At ITS, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer cost effective solutions that require thinking outside of the square. We have developed a significant portfolio of tailored solutions that have required true innovation in terms of design, equipment adaptation and construction methodology. This skill, combined with the ability to identify evolving technologies from overseas that have the potential to make a unique impact to the industry is one of the keys to ITS’ continued success.

Common Failure Types

Typical problems encountered with pipes that need rehabilitation include:

  • Bursts
  • Leaks
  • Loss of capacity
  • Blockages

So What is the Solution?

Our solutions include: