The use of pipeline robotics for the trenchless repair of defective pipelines and removal of pipe blockages has been a core part of our business now for many years. We have a fleet of pipeline robotic trucks operating throughout Australia manned by a team of skilled and competent operators who ensure high productivity and efficiency.

Applications & Benefits

  • Clearance of blocked sewers due to tree roots, debris and concrete.
  • Removal of grout filled pipes
  • Ideally suited for the cutting, grinding and milling of intrusions and encrustations
  • Experienced skilled operators
  • Powerful grinding capacity and robust design.
  • Hydraulically driven grinding robots provide impressive performance, cutting through most materials,
  • Adaptable to grind and remove an array of materials and foreign matters (roots, intrusions, connections, even bike frames and hub caps)

Project Sheets


ITS is the industry leader in providing Point-Lining for repair of sewer, stormwater and industrial pipelines in Australia with the capability to repair diameters ranging from 80mm up to 1000mm. This repair method is a time tested and highly regarded localised pipeline repair product for gravity pipelines. Point-Liners are suitable for the sealing of live connections, repair of cracks, fractures, fragmentation, leakage, broken and displaced joints, capping of disused junctions, corrosion and more.

Repair lengths are available typically in 600mm or 1200mm lengths.

Applications & Benefits

  • Suitable across multiple pipeline assets
  • Works in partnership with our KA-TE PMO robotics fleet as a solution to tree root intrusions and blockages
  • All material components packaged to minimise waste and allows for easy disposal