The Tunneline System is a unique patented structural concrete lining system that can be applied to provide a full rehabilitation solution for man entry culverts and structures. The award-winning system is a simple, in situ reinforced concrete lining technique designed for difficult-to-access sites, and has a very low environmental impact.

Applications & Benefits

Tunneline is a versatile and adaptable system for structural remediation on pipes culverts and tunnels under existing assets and infrastructure for Road, Rail and Water being able to meet the increasing demands for loading and safety required in today’s world.

Tunneline can be designed to AS5100 or AS 3725 standards as an independent structural element with a design life in excess of 100 years or can be as a composite element inside brick and concrete structures.

The tunneline system is a cast in place lining that is delivered under pressure into a rigid steel formwork ensuring intense compaction, when the formers are removed the internal finish is similar to ferro-cement and has an extremely low co-efficient of friction such that in most applications the loss of cross sectional area is compensated for by more efficient and improved flow characteristics.

100 years Design life

Tunneline is a one pass operation and requires no back grouting after the lining is installed, this has the added benefit of significant time and cost savings.

Tunneline is a stand alone structural element and as such the host structure acts as a back shutter, Tunneline does not require any advanced pre works or stabilization to the host, – voids, holes cracks or missing masonry does not need to be repaired prior to installation.

Tunneline can be constructed inside any existing man access structure regardless of shape, access or aspect, Tunneline can accommodate horizontal and vertical curves and can be designed to cater for changes and transitions in profile as well as significant deformation. Tunneline can be installed in vertical structures such as tanks and chambers as well as in horizontal elements.

Tunneline can be installed to recover the structural integrity of existing assets extending the life by 100 years and is suitable for any format of host ranging in size from 1200mm to 9000mm.

Tunneline is non-intrusive with access being gained from existing portals and man access chambers, surface intervention and disruption to traffic and the public is not required therefore delivering carbon savings over conventional construction replacement techniques.