Do you only work on the eastern seaboard?

Although ITS has offices in Sydney and Brisbane, we perform work across Australia.

When do we talk budget? and How extensive does our brief need to be?

ITS welcomes the opportunity to work with clients at the design stage of a project. Where necessary we have the ability to perform site investigations, prepare repair plans and provide a preliminary project budget.

How does ITS determine which technology is appropriate?

We look at the detailed scope of works to be done together with desired Client outcomes and site conditions to determine an appropriate solution,

Do you always require a site visit prior to a quote?

To ensure we are able to provide an accurate proposal, it is almost always necessary to visit site.

What guarantees come with your work?

This is very dependent on the process, product and/or specific contract requirements.

Do you perform drilling?

ITS specialises in a diverse range of trenchless technologies but horizontal directional drilling is not one of those technologies.