Project Description

Downer PipeTech was engaged to rectify defects within newly constructed storm water network as part of the Holsworthy Army Barracks relocation project. Construction defects were identified in their new storm water network and ITS were contracted to re-instate the storm water assets back to full operation and functionality. The defects included circumferential and longitudinal cracking, chipped joints and pinched sealing rings. Excavation and open trench rectification of the defects were deemed too costly, disruptive and time consuming which is why ITS’ Point-Lining technology was chosen as an alternative rehabilitation process.
Point-Lining is a structural repair method of repair for sewer, storm water and industrial pipelines with the capability to repair diameters ranging from 80mm up to 1000mm. This repair method is a time tested and highly regarded localised pipeline repair product for gravity pipelines.Point-Liners are suitable for the sealing of live connections, repair of cracks, fractures, fragmentation, leakage, broken and displaced joints, as well as the capping of disused junctions and more.
Point-Liners provide clients and asset owners with a cost effective, structural repair with a 50 year design life. The Holsworthy project was carried out within the Army barracks while normal operations of the precinct went uninterrupted. ITS complied with the client’s specifications for inductions and acquisition of defense clearance to ensure the job was completed in an efficient and ethical manner.
The project was completed with no issues and the client was extremely pleased with the response time and results of the completed works.