Project Description

Sydney Trains identified that their sandstone culvert at Lavender Bay was in need of urgent repair. Whilst the culvert was in fair condition structurally, there were numerous leaks and a high level of water infiltration as well as significant wall displacement that was catching flow debris. These deformations caused ongoing blockage issues and as a result Sydney Trains were eager to resolve the problem and the risk to their network.
Challenges specific to this site included the restricted access as this particular culvert outlet led into Sydney Harbour. In addition the access to the upstream side was restricted by the rail lines and nearby high-rise buildings. Access was only possible via a barge on Sydney Harbour which added to the complexity of the project. Environmental safeguards were also a special consideration due to potential impacts associated with construction works being undertaken in sensitive areas. As a result, Downer PipeTech adhered to the strict EPA guidelines outlined during the preparation planning and construction works.
To address these issues ITS Pipe Tech proposed Sliplining of the box culvert using HDPE pipe insuring the functionality of the asset with a large portion of the critical construction works being undertaken via barge. The project was successfully completed without issue, on time and within budget. Works were also completed without any negative impact on surrounding stakeholders including local residents and the community who utilise the Luna Park precinct.