Stormwater Culvert Rehabilitation

RTA, Rehabilitation of 2250mm Stormwater Culvert

Client: NSW Roads & Traffi c Authority
Project: Upgrade of a 2250mm diameter corrugated steel pipe culvert located at Snake Creek under the Bruxner Highway

As part of the RTA’s maintenance regime, it was identified that the 2250mm diameter corrugated steel pipe under the Bruxner Highway near Tenterfield NSW had failed approximately mid length causing structural issues as the internal diameter had effectively decreased to 1900mm. The objective of the project was thus to reinstate the structural integrity of the culvert.

Downer PipeTech provides a broad range of world’s best practice technologies for the installation and renovation of pipelines and structures. Our diverse range of trenchless technologies are suited to pressure and non pressure applications, including potable water pipelines, sewer mains and storm water infrastructure. Besides RTA, recent work has been performed for other clients including: Sydney Water, Sydney Harbour Federation Trust and Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

Downer PipeTech proposed to pipe jack 37 metres of Fibreglass Reinforced Pipe (in 6metre lengths) into the culvert and grout the annulus giving the RTA for all intents and purposes a new line. To achieve this the following steps were taken:

  • Installation of rails both at invert and obvert (set by laser level) to allow pipes to be jacked into place
  • on the correct grade;
  • Winch in 6metre segments of pipe, mastic the joints prior to pulling spigot into socket;
  • Once the pipe was in position the bulk concrete plus/thrust blocks were installed at either end;
  • Bulkhead formwork in place
  • Liner braced for grouting
  • Bulkhead poured with grouting inlet ports;
  • Grouting of annulus (gravity feed from header tank)

This project was a good example of how pipe jacking effectively provided a new pipeline without having to completely excavate the existing pipe. Our experience and expertise in scoping and delivering projects of this nature are demonstrated by the quality project outcomes we achieve.

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