Project Description

Downer PipeTech were engaged by the North Burdekin Water Board to rehabilitate two reinforced concrete pipelines that delivered water from The Rocks pump station, alongside the Burdekin River into Sheep Station Creek. The two pipelines delivered vital water for irrigation of the surrounding sugar cane farms. Both pipelines had developed multiple leaking joints leading to increased operating costs to the North Burdekin Water Board.

The original tender specification called for relining of the RCP pipelines with a CIPP liner. Downer PipeTech offered an alternative design of Sliplining with HDPE which met the strict hydraulic requirements of the contract and could be delivered comfortably in the designated shutdown period.

The North Burdekin Water Board contract involved the structural lining, including filling the annulus between the new HDPE pipe and existing RCP with cement grout, of two pipelines, each 165mtrs in length. A 1350mm ID and a 900mm ID reinforced concrete pipe with several changes in both vertical and horizontal alignment were sliplined using high density polyethylene (HDPE), pipe. Custom made steel fittings were produced to connect the new HDPE pipe to the existing steel pipes at the pump outlets.

The contract was completed in a very tight, non-negotiable shut down period one day ahead of program. An unusual requirement on the project was the need to modify SWMS to include keeping an eye on the resident 4mtr crocodile who enjoyed sunning itself on the river bank less than 100mtr’s from the job site.